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21 June 2012

Fancy Party Hat Tutorial

Hello friends! If you remember this post I shared a while ago, I made a little party hat. I've been meaning to do a tutorial. I decided to make one for my nephew (who will be born in less than a week) even though he won't be able to wear it for a few years:)

here's what it looked like:
super girly. I decided to make a more "manly one". Is there such a thing as a manly party hat? who knows. Haha. So if you want a girly one, follow the same steps but with girly colors/pictures.

the first thing you need to do is get yourself a nice, standard size party hat to decorate.

I covered all of mine with brown craft paper. A 1' square segment was the PERFECT size. I used the lef over pieces for decoration in later steps. once you've got it all covered, trim the excess to make it a perfect fit.

I added a piece of ribbon to cover the seam in the back (it matches the ribbon I used for the chin straps later on)

I cut out some semi circles and glittered the edges. Then I hot glued them around the base.

I made a pinwheel background and then cut out a circle using the excess craft paper.

I found a SUPER cute clown boy here and glued it to the circles.

 I made a pom pom out of paper shreds and glued it to the top

then cut two ribbons for the new chin fastener

and of course, added a little tag:

 and voila!

and that's that.

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have a lovelee day



  1. OK.. So at first I was reallllly sad that you covered up that Hello Kitty party hat (I NEED those in my life to wear like..every day!!lol)But now I'm happy cause the outcome is so super nice! I saw a blogger do a vintage circus theme birthday party..and I think this would go perfect with it! So cute and creative!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  2. This is amazing! I miss doing crafts with you. Let's plan a craft night soon, ok??