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11 June 2012


I've been thinking lately. It happens to be a favorite past time of mine.

Would anyone be interested if I did a giveaway? In honor of my 100th post, of course:)
I've never done a giveaway before, so if nobody signs up and it's a total dud, oh well: more for me!

so leave a comment telling me:
1) would you be interested?
2) what would you like to see? maybe some carved stamps? Earrings? go check out what I've made and you tell me.

have a lovelee day!



  1. OMG yes do a giveaway, they're always fun. :)
    I love the carved stamp, so awesome!

  2. everyone loves giveaways. :) How about you giveaway a dresser? I could use one... JK. haha! I love the banner!!

  3. Do a giveaway! It would be amazing and probably really cute. Just saying:-)