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28 June 2012

Happy Songs

Bonjour, mes amis!

last night my good friend Alyssa and I made a list of all the songs that made us happy.

We're kind of into the chill/super happy music.

Here's a bit of our list:

-anything Ingrid Michaelson. Because she's the queen of chill. Here's one of my favorite songs of hers (although it's pretty hard to choose)
okay, just one more? :)

-Ben Harper. We jammed to this one last night:

-Kinna Grannis--we've only really heard "Mr. Sun", but we're lovin' it! Talk about a happy song.

-Joshua Radin, especially "Brand New Day" and "Friend Like You"

-Mindy Gledhill: I LOVE "I do adore" and "Hourglass"

I want to know what songs and artists you're into these days--I'm going on quite a road trip tomorrow morning and so I want to have some tunes to listen to! Leave a comment with your favortite artist/song/etc. I will love you forever!

have a lovelee day


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