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07 June 2012

Rochester, in a nutshell

If you didn't already know, I teach swim lessons as my summer job at our local pool. Although I usually sport a nice tan during the summer, the first week or so is sunburn time. Sunburns make me VERY sleepy:) Also, I went to the Dr. today to get a prescription renewed and...well, I still go to a pediatrician. Why? because he said he'd take me until I'm maried or pregnant. And we all know neither of those are happening any time soon. haha! So anyways, the room I was put in had mystical woodland creatures having a tea party under a very happy tree. I love feeling like a kid again:)

Alright, on to the BEAUTIFUL city of Rochester.
haha, you better believe I snapped a picture of that.

here's where most of the performances were held:

I took a picture of this next building because it looked like the "pie hole" from Pushing Daisies, my FAVORITE tv show. just picture it taller...see what I mean?

yes, I did take a picture of this next building because it looked like Big Ben. I guess I'm just getting excited for the olympics or something.

and does anyone else LOVE how green it is here?

At any rate, upstate New York is a BEAUTIFUL place. I'd strongly suggest/recommend visiting. And my friends and I all agreed--the food there is WAY better than anything we have around here.

well, have a lovelee day!



  1. So awesome!! :D What a great trip.
    Has your SSG package arrived, btw?"

    1. not yet! crossing my fingers, though. thanks for asking! :)

  2. Ahhh it looks amazing!! I can't wait to hear more about it.