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13 June 2012

look who came to visit!

hello, friends! I'm just popping in today to show you guys the cutest little house guest we have staying here for the week.

Meet Cadbury. The cutest chocolate brown bunny in the world.
I guarantee you: you have never felt anything as soft as she is.

she loves me the most, I think. It's so cute to see her little hop. She's a fast little bugger, too! most of the pictures I tried to take of her ended up like this:

oh well. Bunnies will be bunnies. Or as my little sister has started to say, "Bunnies gonna Bun". haha!

today's the last day to give some input on the giveaway item. Leave a comment (click here) to give your opinion, and I'll start whipping things up tomorrow.

have a lovelee day!


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