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31 July 2012

Fabric Flower Headband: DIY

 hey! today I'm sharing a tutorial for something that my sisters and I love to make together. And as a girl, you can never have too many headbands and bows, you know? I wear mine all the time.
1) Cut two sizes of circles out of fabric. (roughly 8-10 for each flower) We like silky, sheer fabric, but cotton will work too. Fold your circles into fourths and hot glue the corner to keep their shape.

2) glue 4 quarters together, and then...

3) add another layer on top of that

4) do the same for your second flower

5) glue the two posies to some felt for easy adhering to your headband

6) glue it to your headband, and voila!

this is a great project to do together watching a great movie like Emma or the like. This headband makes a great gift and I really wasn't kidding when I said that I wear mine all the time. Enjoy!

stay tuned for some exciting changes to the "tutorials" page...

29 July 2012

Inspiration Mobile Art: DIY

 Hello, friends! I'm sharing a project today that I've really enjoyed working on the past little while. As a disclaimer, I'd reccommed doing this project in small installments, to prevent burnout.
1. I cut out a bunch (50-70) "inspirational verbs" and sparkled them. Yes, I cut them all out by hand. This was easily the longest part of the project. If you have a criket or a silhouette machine, USE IT! I wish I had one. (and the words obviously don't need to be sparkled, I just thought it added a feminine touch to it)

2) I cut out a square piece of chicken wire alternative that I picked up at ACE hardware for $5. I taped up the edges to prevent myself from cuts--because knowing me, it was bound to happen...and it did. I then spray painted the whole thing ivory to match my words.

3) I hot glued a piece of thread to each of the words, varying the length. Don't be too concerned with the lengths of the threads at this point. I adjusted a lot when I put them up. I'd recommend cutting your thread more on the long side, because you can always make it shorter, but once it's cut, there's no making it longer.

4) I tied a threaded word at varying lengths on my chicken wire, making sure to evenly space things out and such. It's good to take a step back and look at it from different angles to see where the "holes" are.


I've hung mine right above my bedside table where I keep my scriptures and my journal. I felt like that was the most appropriate place. I hope it'll remind me to think positively and find the good throughout my day.
here's some photos of the "during" process. I taped my chicken wire to two chairs to avoid tangles and to make it easier for my little sister who would have had to hold it the entire evening. What a sport. I worked on this project while my mom read out of T.S. Elliot's " Book of Practical Cats", a family favorite.

it's so fun to "I-spy" and find words that give me inspiration and  hope throughout the day:

PS- I'm linking my project up today here: