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09 July 2012

"Citrasolv" Transfer Pillows DIY

I thought that today I'd share a craft that my family l-o-v-e-s. The "citrasolv" transfer method makes the final product antique-y looking, which is kind of the thing my family digs, ya know? If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about or how to use the "citrasolv" method in your crafts,  follow the steps below. (if you're a master at this, skip to the "simplified steps" found at the bottom)

you'll first need a stupendous graphic. I found mine here--a site I love for all my retro graphic needs:) Print it out using a "laser" printer, in black and white.  The high contrast is key. Make sure that if your print has words in the design to print a mirror image of it--otherwise your finished product will be backwards! Pour a little citrasolv in a cup and use an old paint brush to sparingly apply to the back of your image. The image should "bleed through" so that you see it from the back.
 Iron your image well. We prefer placing a piece of parchment paper (wow, I think that was a quintuple alliteration. Go English!) over the image to preserve the iron. Then take a spoon and thoroughly rub the back of your image to complete the transfer.
 I cut a matching sized piece of fabric for the back.
 Sewed it all up--wrong sides together, of course.
 Stuffed it with my pillow form and hand stitched the rest up
 and voila! your very own faux-retro citrasolv transfer pillow.

Here are the simplified steps to make your very own transfer pillow:
I finally got those scrapbook pages up that I was meaning to, by the way (...oops)  go have a look
ps- I'm linking this project up here and here:


  1. Hello, I love this "look" and would have a go at it, if I knew what citrasolve was. I have never seen it but then in South Africa we dont get such cool things.Do you know of anything that can be substituted? Thank you kindly

    1. Hey Jacqui! Citrasolv is a type of orange cleaner--I found a website for you where you can order some!

      hope that helps--and thanks for the comment!

    2. and if that doesn't work out for you, citrasolv has their own website ( with other vendors listed :)

  2. Your graphic link goes to the actual image. Do you have a link to the graphic site?

    1. Sorry! Here's the website I used: