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31 July 2012

Fabric Flower Headband: DIY

 hey! today I'm sharing a tutorial for something that my sisters and I love to make together. And as a girl, you can never have too many headbands and bows, you know? I wear mine all the time.
1) Cut two sizes of circles out of fabric. (roughly 8-10 for each flower) We like silky, sheer fabric, but cotton will work too. Fold your circles into fourths and hot glue the corner to keep their shape.

2) glue 4 quarters together, and then...

3) add another layer on top of that

4) do the same for your second flower

5) glue the two posies to some felt for easy adhering to your headband

6) glue it to your headband, and voila!

this is a great project to do together watching a great movie like Emma or the like. This headband makes a great gift and I really wasn't kidding when I said that I wear mine all the time. Enjoy!

stay tuned for some exciting changes to the "tutorials" page...

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