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03 July 2012

Happy Independence Day!


Happy Independence Day! I hope you all take a minute and thank a veteran or God Himself for this wonderful, free country that we are so blessed to live in.

My family usually celebrates by visiting our favorite national park (Yellowstone, of course!) and then we watch fireworks in a little town just to the side of the Park. What better way to celebrate the birth of your country than to see the beauty it possesses, right?

My mom found this idea on Pinterest where you use mason jars and cupcake liners to make a super patriotic drinking glass. Pretty cute, right? :

how do you celebrate the 4th of July?
ps- I've just heard that my dear little town is on fire. I'm away at the family cabin until the end of the week, but please pray for my little town and all the others that are suffering from wildfires this year. These are our beautiful mountains. It makes me cry just to see this:


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