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29 July 2012

Inspiration Mobile Art: DIY

 Hello, friends! I'm sharing a project today that I've really enjoyed working on the past little while. As a disclaimer, I'd reccommed doing this project in small installments, to prevent burnout.
1. I cut out a bunch (50-70) "inspirational verbs" and sparkled them. Yes, I cut them all out by hand. This was easily the longest part of the project. If you have a criket or a silhouette machine, USE IT! I wish I had one. (and the words obviously don't need to be sparkled, I just thought it added a feminine touch to it)

2) I cut out a square piece of chicken wire alternative that I picked up at ACE hardware for $5. I taped up the edges to prevent myself from cuts--because knowing me, it was bound to happen...and it did. I then spray painted the whole thing ivory to match my words.

3) I hot glued a piece of thread to each of the words, varying the length. Don't be too concerned with the lengths of the threads at this point. I adjusted a lot when I put them up. I'd recommend cutting your thread more on the long side, because you can always make it shorter, but once it's cut, there's no making it longer.

4) I tied a threaded word at varying lengths on my chicken wire, making sure to evenly space things out and such. It's good to take a step back and look at it from different angles to see where the "holes" are.


I've hung mine right above my bedside table where I keep my scriptures and my journal. I felt like that was the most appropriate place. I hope it'll remind me to think positively and find the good throughout my day.
here's some photos of the "during" process. I taped my chicken wire to two chairs to avoid tangles and to make it easier for my little sister who would have had to hold it the entire evening. What a sport. I worked on this project while my mom read out of T.S. Elliot's " Book of Practical Cats", a family favorite.

it's so fun to "I-spy" and find words that give me inspiration and  hope throughout the day:

PS- I'm linking my project up today here:

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  1. Holy.cow. That is a lot of work. And I love it! I may use my Silhouette for it!