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16 July 2012

Lovelee Little Fonts: Part 1

Hello everyone! I've mentioned quite a few times about my love for fonts. I had a whole series in the past about searching for, downloading, converting, and even creating fonts. (click links to view the posts). Well, I thought I'd start up a little not-so-regular series called "lovelee little fonts" where I'll share all my latest fun font finds (try saying that 12 times fast.) I'll provide a link to each FREE font, should you desire to add it to your collection.

Here's this week's list. I've just skimmed off the top of my "favorites" to share with you.

have fun! and remember: if you need some tips on downloading/converting the fonts, click here or here. And let me know your favorite fonts/font gems. Seriously. I love this kind of thing.

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