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24 July 2012

Lovelee Little Fonts: Part 2

 hey friends! I've been on a crafting roll now that my glue gun is back in town, so at the moment I'm finishing up with another project and am in the middle of creating another tutorial for you guys, so in the mean time please enjoy another round of my favorite free fonts! As before, the link to the font is at the bottom. If you need instructions on installing the fonts, click here.

*note* the "Adhesive Nr. Seven" font is an images font that creates lovely little scrolls, not "letters"

In other news, did you know that today is Pioneer Day? In Utah we celebrate the 24th of July, when the first group of our founders and ancestors braved the long and daunting trek across the country to the Salt Lake Valley. Most of my ancestors were pioneers and we have a lot of really neat stories about them. We even have a violin that came all the way across the plaines with on of my great-something-grandpas. Pretty neat stuff---A very happy Pioneer Day to you all!

ps-to see part one, click here

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