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11 July 2012

My Week in Paradise

Hello there! I thought I'd share a few little snapshots of my amazing week away at our cabin--located in one of the most beautiful places on earth, right next to Yellowstone National Park.
First thing's first. I did an awful lot of ukulele-ing. it was quite enjoyable. I jammed with my grandma, too which was super duper. She played her guitar and I played my little uke and my 6 year old cousin sang along! Talk about a party.
I skipped bunches of rocks at our favorite lake--so crystal clear you can see straight to the bottom!
here's another shot of the lake (sans-me)
 my sister Shaunelle and I at Henry's Lake (our cabin is on the north side)

 The Esplin gals waiting for Old Faithful to erupt. I've seen it go off hundreds of times (I've been going up every summer to visit since I was born) and it has never ceased to amaze me! God's done some pretty cool things to His earth

and voila! what a beaut.

some of the cousins making s'mores in our backyard. PS--that baby was in LOVE with me! Everyone started calling me "the mesmerizor" ("mez", for short) by the end of the week because he would just stare at me. I loved it--he's a cutie! my 6 year old cousin (mentioned above) also developed a little crush on me. He might have been heartbroken when I told him how old I was. And that we were related:)

it was such a nice break from work and stress and such. This week back in reality has felt like an eternity. But if life was all vacations, we'd come to hate them too, you know?

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