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19 July 2012

Painted Word Art: DIY

hello everyone! It seems like ages since the last time I shared a tutorial with you, so here's my latest project. It was really a lot of fun. One of my favorite things in the world is word art, and so I thought I'd try my hand at it. I'm not in any means a painter, so if I can do it, I promise you can too. It's really a fill-in-the-blanks sort of painting, so no stressing out, okay?

you can use a slab of wood, a wall, a canvas, or anything else that suits your fancy for this project. the sky's the limit, my friends. If my mom or my apartment would let me paint this kind of thing on my wall, believe me, I would. haha

first choose your saying, font, and size. Print 'er out.

I then cut out each word and layed all out where I wanted it on my piece of wood.

I outlined each word with a pen--push hard to leave an imprint on the wood.

which you will then outline with a pencil

it should be looking something like this now:

I used very small brushes to fill in the widest parts of my letters. I started with a wider brush and it may have led to a teensie disaster. But nothing I couldn't fix. haha:)

and then did all the skinny stuff with a sharpie pen. I won't tell anyone if you don't. haha!

I went back and erased all the pencil lines that were still visible

and voila!

it was a fun little project to do, and it only took a few hours. I found my little slice of wood in a pile of wood--so I'm thinking that I'll be making some more of these to decorate my apartment.

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