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23 August 2012

Back to School Party: DIY + Freebies!

 Hello, friends! Today I'm excited to share something my mom and I have been working on for quite a while. After we heard about THIS amazing party that Marci of "" threw, we knew we wanted to throw one, too! Here's a little how-to, especially for you:

Note: I know this is kind of a pictures/information overload, so for organization's sake I will provide all the links to the free printables again at the bottom of the post.Also, it might be a little late for a "back to school" party for this year, so I've deleted the year from the printables to make them usable for next year, etc. Hope that helps!

the basic foundation:
 We covered the tables with a white tablecloth, for a runner used wrapping paper. Each place setting had a piece of black cardstock with a "name strip" on top that we found in the dollar section of target, with each guest's name on it.

For a silverware holder:
 I made up this printable, then we printed it off on sticker paper and stuck it onto a small brown sack that we put the plastic utensils in.

To decorate the tables:
We filled several small silver bins (found in the dollar section of target) full of fun and bright school supplies and added some books and apples to fill space. (shown in other pictures)

I made up this apple circle printable, then we used the leftover green water bottle labels and utensil labels to decorate the banners, and wrote the letters with chalk on the black cardstock we had cut into flags.
Drink Labels:

 I made up this printable, and then we taped it around each water bottle.
"Pencil" Labels:

I made up this printable and then my mom attached them to each "pencil" by punching two holes at the top and looping a piece of yellow ribbon around the pretzel and securing it with a knot in front.

To make the pencils:
 You will need:
-Pretzel Rods
-Bugle Chips
-Pink Marshmallows
-Chocolate Frosting
*Use the chocolate frosting like glue to secure the bugle chip on one end of the rod and the pink marshmallow on the other. Then dip the tip of the bugle chip in the frosting to make it look like the "lead" in a pencil. (This is a family favorite "back to school" tradition we've been doing for YEARS)

and voila! all the elements you need to throw your own!

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