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25 August 2012

Calligraphy (made easy): DIY + freebie

Does anyone else absolutely LOVE the look of calligraphy? Because I know I just melt for it. I don't really have a calligraphy pen on hand, but with using a normal pen, I was able to capture the same "feel", and the whole process was pretty easy. Take a look:

 See? how easy was that. Go calligrafie your hearts out. Yes, I just made "calligraphy" into a verb. As well it should be, right? Also: I think the "outline" look is really cool. I've seen that done a few times and it's very pretty. Just go experiment!
I made this little thank you note up for you guys, since I love ya so much:) And you can never show enough gratitude. I got a thank you note a few days ago and it made my day. It's like a little bit of love, on paper.  (view larger, right click, "save as picture").

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