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06 August 2012

Retro Multi Picture Holder: DIY

 hello, friends! today I'm sharing a project that I just finished up. Sweet and simple.

Start with a large frame. I got mine at a local thrift store. And you should have seen what it looked like before. Talk about disgusting. It was much better after I spray painted it and such.

 I then took some string and hot glued them--where the back of the artwork used to be.

I cut an image [that I found here, at this lovely blog] into scallops and then added my photos. I used clothes pin clips for as many as I could, but we ran out. I'm headed to the store soon to change out the tape for some more clips. I like the way they look the best.

 and voila! I love that it's changeable. Sometimes I'm a little fickle...

be sure to check back tomorrow for something very exciting and dear to me, if you please:)

ps- I'm linking my project up today here:

and here:

1 comment:

  1. How neat that is. Now to go dig in my empty frames.
    Thanks for the idea.