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20 August 2012

Sisters, Sisters: part 2

Hello, there! Do you want to know what happens when you live in a family of all girls? Sunday Sister Photo Shoots. And you better believe that's right:) Remember when I took those pictures of Rachel way back when? Well, yesterday she took some pictures of me. I think they're kind of fun, take a look:

 (I really love my freckles, and I'm glad they showed up in this one)

the apple is to celebrate going back to school, of course!

 I firmly believe that twirling is one of the necessities of life:)

 Reading my vintage vogue magazine. There's a lot of gems in there, let me tell 'ya.

And just so that you don't think we're a little too serious over at our house, here's a little some'n some'n to persuade you otherwise:
how to make animated gif 


  1. Lauren, you babe! You don't even need me to take your pictures, Rachel is really good! :)

    1. Kaycie! You just made me giggle a whole lot. And she really is. But I still want you to take mine, because it'll give us an excuse to hang out :)