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13 August 2012

the Little Vacation

this weekend I took a little vacation.
(sorry for the after-the-fact-notice)
one of the places we visited was an old church that reminded me of a cross between Downton Abbey and some Jane Austen classic. I could just picture young ladies in extravagant dresses painting or doing embroidery on the magnificent lawn...can't you?

And these pictures don't even do the place justice. You just need to come and see it, okay? I decided I'm going to have my wedding reception here. And then live here. Only joking....and don't get your hopes too high. I don't even have a "marriageable friend" at the moment:)

(click images to view larger)

Also be sure to check back tomorrow for this week's installment of the "Color with a Cause" initiative

and of course:

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