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09 August 2012

the triple layer bow: DIY

 hello, friends! I'm sharing a quick and simple tutorial for you guys today. I ended up liking the second bow I made more than the one I took the pictures for the tutorial, so I'm sorry that the "in progress" photos aren't the same as the end result. But it's the same process, I pinky swear. I just found that the skinnier ribbon looked better for this project.

I cut three different lengths of ribbon folded them in half  and glued them (the "seam" was in the back, NOT on the side).

then I stacked them on top of each other and hot glued them together.

glued a piece perpendicular to the other layers and made a loop on the back to slip in bobby pins and the like, and voila! your very own triple layer bow:

and here I am, again, promoting the "color with a cause" initiative. a HUGE thanks to everyone who's helping to spread the word. To learn more about the project, click here.

and with that,

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