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17 August 2012

the Truest Friends

Hello, friends! I'm sorry for the late post tonight, but I was a litte busy celebrating (my last day of work was yesterday) with my mom and little sister. We hit a great parking lot sale: everything was $2! Gotta love that. I got some things that I'm planning on refashioning, so stay tuned for that.

Did you know: My little sister had never seen the Gweneth Paltrow "Emma" until a few weeks ago? Frankly, I'm not sure how she survived all of her 15 little years. We obviously rectified the matter, and there was a very beautiful little line in there, and being the doodler that I am, I came up with this:
A Mr. Knightly quote, of course. And I think it's the greatest message. I'm so so lucky to have all the wonderful friends and family that I do, and they are all so dear to me.

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