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11 September 2012

Color with a Cause: Chapter 6

Hello, friends! Chapter 6 is up and ready for you to use. Are you so proud of me for getting this up on Tuesday this week instead of Thursday? Just don't pay any attention to the hour, and we're good. Sorry that I keep posting rather late at night, but College is crazy, you guys. But good. Oh so good:)

Remember, please, that I ask that in exchange for these pages you would:
1) Donate any amount to Primary Children's Hospital
2) Donate any amount to your favorite Children's hospital or charity
3) Find some other way to "pay it forward"
Keep spreading the word! I'm so grateful for all of you who are!
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As an aside:

Can you believe that today marks the 11 anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers? I still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. I still remember the beautiful, patriotic speech my dear teacher gave that day. I still remember my dad, who was serving in the Air Force at the time, being gone for a long time every day after that. I still remember the horrible aftermath.

I still remember.
Never Surrender. Never Forget.


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