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17 September 2012

I'm baa-aaaaack!

Hey hey hey! Nice to chat with you all again. Sorry for my absence, but sometimes breaks are a good idea. It had to do partially with catching a breath with all my school work and practicing and teaching. And it also had a little to do with my ever faithful, "sweet spirit" laptop dying on me. And $365 later, here I am. That's right. You're reading the words of a proud new laptop owner. ( doesn't actually come until Thursday. But still.)
and now, an elegy to the dearly departed:
sweet hunk of computer:
I'll never forget you--
your strange ways of shutting off without request
or your eleven buttons that ceased operation a year ago.
your sweet high pitched frequency late at night was my lullaby.
your flashing error lights blinked to the rythm of my heart.
the capacity of your battery was like a sweet, short kiss.
live on, dear friend, in cyber heaven.
I just played a very sad song on my viola, if you were wondering.
Here's to a new week!
have a lovelee day

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