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02 October 2012

Color with a Cause: Chapter 9

hey there! Here's Chapter 9, as promised. Google's being a little crazy and I don't really understand how the whole "share the whole folder" works anymore with the new "google drive", so I've linked each individual coloring page to its download. So click on the page to print it all out. This week's theme was "friends in the fall"--very fitting, right? :) And just to let you know, the Halloween coloring pages are coming to you shortly. And you're gonna want them. I pinky promise.

*UPDATE* I've figured out how to share the whole folder. Wahoo! The link after the pages will send you to the folder. Look at me. Learning

Remember, please, that I ask that in exchange for these pages you would:
1) Donate any amount to the Color with a Cause Foundation


2) Find some other way to "pay it forward"

Keep spreading the word! I'm so grateful for all of you who are!

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I hope you have a very lovelee day!

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