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10 October 2012

The Perfect Gadget Pouch: DIY

Today I'm sharing a little tutorial for all your touchy devices. I am the proud new owner of my FIRST EVER touchy thing, as of last Friday. Can I get a round of applause or something? So I decided to craft something up to keep in tip top shape. This will work with ANY device..The next one I'm making is for my new bamboo wacom tablet that I love with all of my heart. But really.
measure the length and width of your device and add an inch or a bit more to your measurement.
cut out your fabric in the appropriate dimensions. I chose to have a contrasting lining, but you don't need it.
I sewed my polka dot+cherry WRONG SIDES together. If you want to make it reversible, sew yours RIGHT SIDES together. Then repeat for the back side.
I folded the top into itself, pinned, and sewed for a more professional finish. Once you've done that for both your front and back sides, sew your two sides together, RIGHT SIDES together. I lined the edge of my fabric up with the edge of my sewing foot and that worked perfectly for my dimensions.
at this point I double checked that it still fit. It did!
I sewed up a strip of my lining fabric with a decorative stitch and hot glued a large button on to top it all off.

enjoy, and have a lovelee day!


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