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16 November 2012

I've Been Learning! (+Christmas Freebie!)

I think that learning is the best thing in the world. Maybe that's why I'm going to be a teacher.

Lately, I've been teaching myself how to use Photoshop via lots of different tutorials and other free resources. Maybe one day I'll buckle down and take a real class, but so far I think this has been successful. One of the latest things I've taught myself to do is to make TINSEL! (I followed this amazing tutorial) Just in time for Christmas, right? And the best part about this is that I've made something to share with all of YOU!

(click to view larger, right click, save as picture)

feel free to use this for all your personal needs. Crop this thing up and use it for your: Christmas cards? Check. Scrapbooking? Check. Some super cool Christmas graphic designs? Double check. Oooooh yeah!

have a lovelee day, and go learn something!


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