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09 November 2012

Tune in Tonight! : Part 1

Hello, friends! Tonight is a very special night for me and some of my friends.
I'm in the Philharmonic here at bYu and tonight is one of our biggest concerts of the season. We're performing Mahler's 3rd symphony, which is (in my opinion...and a bunch of other people's...) one of the greatest symphonies ever written....and also the longest. But no fear! I've made up a little "easy listening" guide for my family that I'm sharing with ALL of you!
(the viola section of the them! Can you find me in this picture?)

I'm going to scan in the little book I've made for my family (it's tradition. Sometimes it makes it a lot easier to sit through an hour of music when you know what to listen for and the "story" behind each movement)

until then, you can look here for a brief outline/overview of the symphony. I'm going to find out what radio station you need to tune in to hear us perform LIVE! Which you really should do. Because it's gonna be good, I guarantee. Be back soon! (right after my dress rehearsal)

have a lovelee day!

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