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05 December 2012


1- My sister's gettin' married! This was how she asked us to be her bridesmaid.
2- Basking in the fall leaves on a Sunday afternoon
 3-One of the MANY wedding decoration projects. We're pretty much making them all ourselves.
4- Jamin' in the back alley with my bari uke. nbd.
 5- Learn how to make these shoes! (Click here)
6- Masterclass is always so fun. Look at those little kiddo's cute notes!
 7- I voted!......early. And wore patriotic colors on purpose!
8- someone baked their first pie. Just sayin'.
 9 & 10- It took SOOO long, but I like how it turned out!
 11- Hello, November!
12- Practicing Calligraphy
 13- another wedding project. With chalkboard paneling. Oh yeah!!
14- Christmas is coming. The goose is getting fat.
 15- This mirror (which, believe it or not, is another wedding project) makes you feel so good about yourself!
16- Hilary Hahn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17- Happy Birthday, Marmie!
18- I've got big lips, and I cannot lie.
 19- One of my greatest pals and I gettin' geeky at the Hilary Hahn concert. Alyssa even stole a poster with Hilary's face on it that advertised the event from downstairs and went through the line again to get it signed! Gotta love her. (totally my idea, by the way.)

ps- you too can find me on instagram! @laurenesplin

Have a lovelee day!


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