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31 January 2012

Sick Day

today I felt a little like this:
(side note: have you read Goldilocks has chicken pox? It  might be the cutest children's book around that's where this little girly came from.)

It's nothing big, just a little cold. But it just made me feel so lousy today. What really stinks is that I've already been sick this season. But it's been going around my apartment and my friends, so it was bound to happen sooner or later. I skipped my first class today so that I could get some extra sleep. It was most wonderful:) I definitely recommend sleeping.

luckily I have a wonderful marmie who took excellent care of me! I drove up to my house to teach my violin/viola students today and she was so sweet to me. She's such a great woman. I hope I can some day be 1/2 the person she is. I'm also very blessed to say that she's my best friend. We like the same stuff and I probably talk to her more than I talk to anyone else. She once told me that I could tell her anything, and ever since then we've been "bosom friends" as dear Anne of Green Gables would say. 

I found this picture online and I just started cracking up. I think it describes us perfectly:

...sometimes I even let her do my hair like that:)

Have a lovelee day!


30 January 2012

Ice Skating, Oversimplified

Tonight my singles ward is going ice skating.

...We'll probably look a little like this:

I believe that ice skating can be easily oversimplified (quite correctly) into 5 groups of people:

Group 1: the ones who go to make friends and get to know each other:
Group 2: the ones who can't ice skate worth beans but don't want to look like a wuss by holding onto the wall. These people usually end up smashing into everyone else without managing to fall down themselves. How do they do it??

Group 3: The ones who go to show off all their fancy tricks (let's hope they stay out of the way of group 2, right?)

Group 4: the ones who are competent enough to not fall throughout the night, but definitely only while skating forwards with at least one foot on the ice at all times:

and Group 5: the ones who go to hold hands or get a little smoochie woochie.

...You know what I mean:)
Christmas Ice Skating Kissing Vintage

I think I'm most definitely a group 4. Nothing fancy from me. What group do you fall under?

Have a lovelee evening!


29 January 2012

Dang Good Smoothies

The other day I made a dang good smoothie.

It's funny, up until last summer I never really especially cared for smoothies...but as my dear mother would say, my "taste buds have probably just matured". She always has us kids try everything she makes, telling us that one day we'll be mature enough to like every food. (I'm not going to agree entirely with that statement: my taste buds will NEVER be mature enough for salad. ever.)

Do you want to know how I made it? I got a cute little blender from my Grandma for my birthday that makes one serving of smoothie, so  if your blender happens to be bigger than mine (as it most likely is), adjust accordingly.


5-7 cubes of ice
about a 1/4 cup of milk

-blend until thickened-

about 10 (pre-sliced) slices of frozen strawberries


about 2 (pre-sliced) slices of frozen mango (for just a hint. Add more if you're crazy about mangoes)


and the secret ingredient:

....1-2 tsp. Strawberry Lemonade Crystal Light!

(-stir and blend-)

So. Dang. Good.

Do you have any smoothies you're in love with? Send your recipe my way. And I'm not kidding about that. As of right now, I only know how to make this one. haha!

We have a cute little smoothie shop up by my house. Look at their cute little advertisement:

I just love the retro feel of the whole place. And speaking of dang good smoothies, these guys definitely know how to make some. (click here for locations)

Well, have a lovelee (Sun)day!


28 January 2012

Family History, shabby chic'd

My Grandma and Grandpa have always been really into family history, and recently my mom has gotten really into it as well.

...I don't think I inherited that gene.

I've never been super crazy about it, but I think I've found a way that I can start to get involved. My grandma Jeanne has a bunch of old pictures of our ancestors, and as I was looking through them the other day, I absolutely fell in love. I was struck by the classiness and the beauty of the photos.

 (side note: that cute little lady up top is my Grandma Esplin. Isn't she so cute??). 

I copied the pictures I liked into powerpoint and started to play around with them. I loved to see the pictures while my mom explained who they were and how I was related to them. Take a looksie:

    I'm not sure if this one counts as family history. It's my sister Briana holding me when I was a baby. But I just love that funny look on her face:)

this is my cute little marmie (mom)  :)

Are you into family history?

Have a lovelee day!

27 January 2012

It's Friday!

Sometimes my soul looks like this on Friday:

If I only I could look as cute as I feel! haha.

But really, Friday is such a blessing. It's easily my favorite day of the week.

These ladies look like they're making plans for the weekend:

are you?
 Some friends and I are planning on watching West Side Story and Fiddler on the Roof. Apparently we want to have a sad movie marathon. Haha! I'm also having a pancake and waffle party with some of my other friends. On Friday, life just feels so good.

(Another one of my plans for the weekend is to get my sewing machine back from my cousin who's had it for a while, and if I am successful, stay tuned for some sewing tutorials, giveaways, etc in the near future!)

Have a Lovelee FRIDAY!

26 January 2012

Oh My, a DIY: Mini Anthropologie Ordinal Dresser!

My wonderful sister Shaunelle is going to show us an amazing diy project she recently did. She was inspired by an anthropology dresser, found here, and followed this blog's diy post.

Instructions (they match with the pictures, click pictures to see them a little larger)

1. Find a wooden dresser that works for the project. I used the Ikea Rast dresser ($35.00!)
2. If necessary, fill any holes from knobs or handles with wood filler. Then mark where you want to cut the drawer down to make a shape similar to the Anthro dresser (kind of hard to see in my picture - sorry). I used the indent of a file folder to trace the general shape. After you've traced the shape you'll cut it out with a jigsaw tool or something similar. Shout out to my dad for doing that part!
3. After the wood filler is dry, sand it. Then stain the dresser and let it dry completely.
4. Then use pre-made stencils or make stencils with your Silhouette to paint "1st, 2nd, 3rd." You can also print on regular paper, then trace it on the wood. Press firmly to make an indent so you know where to paint. Let the numbers dry and then sand it a little to make it look more weathered.
5. Paint a polyurethane varnish over the top to seal everything in. Let that dry and then start decorating! So fun.

 The finished product:

looks wonderful! What Shaunelle didn't tell you was that the original dresser from Anthropologie was...$998! Can you imagine? Actually, it's not that hard to imagine, since most Anthropologie items are really expensive. Do they have to make everything so dang cute?! Shaunelle said it cost her only $35 to make it, because we had all the paint, etc. at our house. My family really does have a thing for bargain shopping and making cheap things look cute. What do you think?

Have a very lovelee day! :)


25 January 2012

Ladies Like Housekeeping...

Some Housekeeping Announcements:

Want to hear some exciting news? I learned how to make tabs on my blog. Call me a fast learner:) haha. I feel like I should be a little more technologically savvy than I am. But I'm not. If it were up to me, we'd still be using these bad boys: (mostly because they're just so dang cute.)

Check back tomorrow for another exciting tab. I've decided to make (only) one digital scrapbook paper collection a month, so "Teacher's Pet" will be available as early as February 1st.

Another reason to check back here tomorrow: my lovely sister, Shaunelle, will be guest blogging about a recent diy project she did that we are absolutely in love with. I don't want to ruin any secrets here, but as my family would say, "it's totally anthro!".

(Christy Brown Photography,

Have a lovelee Day!


24 January 2012

Wonder of Wonder, Miracle of Miracles

a very neat thing happened today. but for you to really understand, I feel like I need to preface something.

This is my car: (a good ol' 80's suzuki samurai)

This baby has been in the family long before I ever was. And I'm pretty sure the heat, a/c, defroster, etc stopped working about 17 years ago. BUT! Today I was driving back to my apartment and I made a most wonderful discovery. THE DEFROSTER WORKS AGAIN! And it's a good thing, too. It was pretty cold tonight. It happens to be my secret hope that my kids will be able to drive this car. And maybe they will! What a gem.

In other news, here's a sneak peak for another digital scrapbook paper collection. I personally like this one a little more (it's more "me"...) but, you be the judge:

have a lovelee day!

-Lauren Elizabeth Esplin

23 January 2012

Digital Scrapbook Papers, Just for You!

I decided to try my luck at paper designing. It was actually super fun. My personal favorites are "dreaming in chevron" and "fair and square". I've been in love with chevron for a while now (it's been everywhere!) so I wanted to see if I could make my own. The "Bad Case of the Stripes" and "put me in the zoo" are named after two of my favorite children's books. If Clicking and copying the picture doesn't provide a high enough quality for you, leave a comment with your name and email and I can shoot the files to you. Sorry that I'm so new to this :)

UPDATE: Look for the individual papers under the tab labeled "digital scrapbook papers")

enjoy and have a lovelee day:)

Lauren Elizabeth Esplin

22 January 2012

Bargain Shopping

Confession: I'm a little bit of a thrifting fanatic. The problem? I tend to have a pretty expensive taste sometimes. But since I'm nothing but a poor starving college student, I have to make cheap things look nice. Sometimes it's a little hard when I'm on my very favorite website, and I see beautiful pieces like this:
see what I mean? It's a spending spree waiting to happen. Too bad the combined cost would be $120 dollars. But do you want to know something ...lovelee...? (har, har) I was shopping at the mall and found a very cheap option for the same look! Dress: wet seal, for...wait for it...$10! and Shoes: Forever Young Shoes, $30. The shoes were the most expensive part of the outfit, but seeing as they are so adorable and the grand total of the outfit was a 1/4 of the cost, I feel completely justified. And shoes are my one weakness:) And there were some added bonuses of the outfit below (Other than being much less expensive, of course). My dress had sleeves and was longer than the inspiration dress by about 4 inches, making it long enough to reach my knees. Raise the roof! Unfortunately, the dress is no longer for sale, but there are always more outfits to be be inspired by!

My sister showed me a wonderful website called which looks amazing. It takes expensive dresses and shows similar patterns and fabrics to make it for much cheaper. I hope to have time to try it sometime! Well, have a very lovelee day!

--Lauren Elizabeth Esplin

21 January 2012

Well Aren't You Lovelee?

Well hello there, dear readers! Thanks for stopping by on this fine day. This blog is all about the divine joys of being a lady: crafting, inspiration, and motivation. Check back often for some fun DIY projects, (hopefully) clever ideas, and a happy message.

-Lauren Elizabeth Esplin