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29 September 2012

Changes, Changes

hey, there! Just popping in today to share two exciting  new additions to the blog. 

The first is the new link at the top of the page to the "Color with a Cause" page on the blog. (remember how it now has a facebook page?! You should go like it. You should!) This new page explains what it's all about, in case you just joined in with the fun, and it also provides information on how you can request drawings and downloads via email. Tons of golden information, just for you!
and Second, the brand spanking new, re-organized "freebies" page, accessible by the "freebies" link on the side of the page:
Now you just click your desired category and VOILA! Tons of free printables and other delights right at your fingertips. I have an exciting "Kid's Printable" coming out this week, so you better stay tuned for that!

have a lovelee weekend, my friends!


28 September 2012

Color with a Cause on FACEBOOK!

hey, guess what?! Color with a Cause now has a Facebook page! I'm really, really excited about this. Go "like" it to receive updates on all things "color with a cause" and for an inspirational message from our favorite little illustrated kiddos.

Click here or the image below to head on over.
EEEK! This really does make me so happy, you guys!:)

have a lovelee Friday!!


Hey: Listen to This!

I've put together a little list of my recent favorite songs by my very favorite people. If you're into chill music, I give you my word that this playlist will make you smile.

Enjoy, and have a very lovelee FRIDAY!!!!


27 September 2012

Color with a Cause, Chapter 8

hey there! Here's Chapter 8, as promised. Sorry that I've been a little slow with getting these up lately.
This week's theme was gymnastics and dancing. Enjoy!

Remember, please, that I ask that in exchange for these pages you would:
1) Donate any amount to Primary Children's Hospital
2) Donate any amount to your favorite Children's hospital or charity
3) Find some other way to "pay it forward"

Keep spreading the word! I'm so grateful for all of you who are!

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I hope you have a very lovelee day!

26 September 2012

7 Questions #24

Hey, hey, hey! Here's my little link-up to Gentri's 7 Questions:

I'm a little embarrassed to share my funny picture of the it is.
Isn't that the WEIRDEST picture of me EVER?! I LOOK LIKE A SUPER CREEPY MAN DRESSED UP AS A WOMAN! gross. I think it's the enlarged lip coupled with the small eyes... I was playing around with my new laptop's web camera and all of its distortion effects. Needless to say, there's plenty more where this came from, folks! Stay tuned for more next week. Maybe :)

1. Describe your perfect day.
I'd spend my perfect day on a picnic, just after the flowers had blossomed, under an old, shady tree. All my family and dear friends would be there, and we'd have the grandest time. Someone would break out the old uke (maybe Alyssa or myself) and then we'd have a super chill sing along. If that isn't perfect, I don't know what is.

2.What was something that you were afraid of as a child?
As a child I used to have nightmares  ALL the time of what I used to call "mimmies" (mummies, my parents later discovered), and when my dad came in at night to comfort me from my nightmare I'd think it was still the dream and that he was a mimmie. Yeah...I had a very vivid imagination as a child.

3. What's something you're afraid of today?
MIMMIES! ...and spiders. ooooo I can't handle them. I can't even look at them and I need my little sister to kill them for me. Pathetic, right? You'd think I'd be mature enough to handle them. But nope.

4. Would you rather be obsessed with yourself or someone else?
I think either would be very awkward, but I'd rather be obsessed with someone else...I don't want people to hate me because I'm narcissistic. But I also don't want people to hate me because I'm a creeper. That's a toughie!

5. What is a favorite restaurant that you could visit over and over and never get sick of?
I really, really like "Kneader's". It's this amazing bakery. They have a few locations, but I am of the personal opinion that the Lehi bakery tastes the best. The have the most delicious paninis and soups and such that your little taste buds have ever experienced. And you know that's right!

6. What is one food you used to hate but now enjoy?
I grew up as a picky eater, much to my mother's dismay. And now...I'm kind of still a picky eater. But I like smoothies now! Mmm mmm. So good.

7. Fill in the blank: Star ________.
WARS! haha. I just saw those movies for the first time last Christmas. I finally understand what all the hype was about. I still need to see the 6th one, though, so NOBODY tell me how it ends:)

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and have a lovelee day!


25 September 2012

Color with a Cause chpt. 8 is Coming Soon!

its's so exciting to see all the fall colors coming into town!

just popping in today to let you know that Color with a Cause chapter 8 is coming soon, so stay tuned! It was too crazy to doodle yesterday. I know, right?!

*UPDATE: Check back on Thursday, please. Life's crazy, you know. But still good:)*

in the meantime, take a look at my newest DIY project:

have a lovelee day!
(and I'll be back soon)


24 September 2012

Silhouettes: DIY

hello there, friends! Today I'm sharing a simple, classy DIY to spruce up your walls a little bit. I've been wanting to make one of these for a while, and I am so pleased with the way it turned out.

here's how I did it:
one: I had my lovely sister Rachel take a picture of my profile. I had my hair in a side ponytail that day, but I looked kind of bald in my profile, so I just moved it to the back of my head and voila! hair.

two: I printed it out to my desired size and found a piece of wood in my garage (a canvas would also work well)

three: I traced my profile onto the wood using a regular old pencil

four: I filled in the outline using Black acrylic paint. Tip: Use very, very small brushes. I started with the one in the picture and then switched to an even smaller one. the eyes/nose/lips  part is very delicate work, so be sure to take your time!

and voila! What do you think? My mom says it definitely looks like me.
have a lovelee day!


22 September 2012

A Thought for Autumn

I found this quote the other day in my Music Theory textbook, of all places, and I fell in love with it. I felt like it was a perfect "autumn-y" quote for celebrating the birth of Fall. It's from Schubert's "Im Abendroth"

Isn't it a great thought?

by the way, a little fun fact: this picture was taken in one of the most BEAUTIFUL places on earth, the Yellowstone national park area, which is where my family vacations every summer.

Well, I'm off to do some crafting so that I can have some fun things to share with you guys.

have a lovelee day!


21 September 2012

We can do hard things!

If your day is going to be anything like mine today, I wish you the best of luck. Sometimes life is hard. And crazy. And too too too too busy. But....
(my mom would be so proud to hear me say that!)
here's a little song that'll make your day a little brighter. I love Mindy Gledhill, by the way.
have a lovelee day, and remember, you can do hard things!

19 September 2012

7 Questions #23

Hey, hey, hey! Here's my link-up to Gentri's "7 Questions" series for the week:
Funny picture of the week:
So my roommates and I met a new friend this past week. His name is Robert and he is SO funny. Just looking at this picture makes me bust up. Also, he is HUGE! 6' 5". A wopping foot and two inches taller than me. I love how I barely make it up to his shoulder. Somehow all my friends end up taller than me. But hey, I make up for it with my big personality...har har har.
1. Do you ever have reoccurring dreams?
When I was little, I'd always dream that I could fly. Let's be honest: I still have those dreams  sometimes. Maybe if God didn't make me a human I'd have been a birdie:)

2. It's the first day of Fall (or Spring for you southern hemispherers) in a few days, what are you looking forward to most?
Sweaters! I love feeling cozy, and sweaters are just the ticket. And boots. And scarves. And the pretty leaves! Autumn is so beautiful to me.

3. Because a lack of coordination, would you rather not be able to tie your shoes or cut your own food?
I'd rather not be able to tie my own shoes. Because I only have one pair of shoes right now that require tying. I have a bunch of flats/Toms, etc. Nifty wifty, eh?

4. Would you rather live in a house made entirely of glass or a house with no windows?
I think it'd be amazing to live in a house made entirely of glass somewhere absolutely gorgeous like a forest or a lake. I'd love to wake up every morning to the sights of God's beautiful creations.

5. Would you rather walk on you toes or heels forever?
My little sister is a ballerina, so she'd probably say "toes", I'm guessing. But as I am not, I'll go with heels? I think either way it'd be pretty tricky.

6. What's your favorite sense? (you have 5 btw)
hearing! I love music, laughter, talking...everything with noise. A close second would be a 4-way tie:)

7. What's your favorite movie quote of all time?
I absolutely LOVE the Gwenyth Paltrow version of "Emma" and a while ago this line stood out to me and I decided to doodle about it. Because that's the kind of thing I do.
a Mr. Knightly quote, of course. He's full of so much wisdom. Plus he's pretty handsome:) all in all, it's an absolutely lovely sentiment.

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and have a lovelee day!

18 September 2012

Color with a Cause: Chapter 7

Wowza--I can't believe we're at Chapter 7 already! I decided to make this week's coloring page theme "fall", to celebrate the arrival of fall in the upcoming week. I think there's one Halloween picture in this batch, but don't worry, I'm saving the others for October---My roommate might have been a little disgusted when she saw me drawing Halloween things already. If she only knew that I've also done my Thanksgiving ones, too! haha. I've also had a few requests sent in which was SUPER fun for me. If you have anything you want me to doodle, let me know!

 [you can email me at howlovee(at)gmail(dot)com with your request]

Remember, please, that I ask that in exchange for these pages you would:
1) Donate any amount to Primary Children's Hospital
2) Donate any amount to your favorite Children's hospital or charity
3) Find some other way to "pay it forward"

Keep spreading the word! I'm so grateful for all of you who are!

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I hope you have a very lovelee day!

17 September 2012

I'm baa-aaaaack!

Hey hey hey! Nice to chat with you all again. Sorry for my absence, but sometimes breaks are a good idea. It had to do partially with catching a breath with all my school work and practicing and teaching. And it also had a little to do with my ever faithful, "sweet spirit" laptop dying on me. And $365 later, here I am. That's right. You're reading the words of a proud new laptop owner. ( doesn't actually come until Thursday. But still.)
and now, an elegy to the dearly departed:
sweet hunk of computer:
I'll never forget you--
your strange ways of shutting off without request
or your eleven buttons that ceased operation a year ago.
your sweet high pitched frequency late at night was my lullaby.
your flashing error lights blinked to the rythm of my heart.
the capacity of your battery was like a sweet, short kiss.
live on, dear friend, in cyber heaven.
I just played a very sad song on my viola, if you were wondering.
Here's to a new week!
have a lovelee day

12 September 2012

7 Questions #22

Well hey there! Here's my little link-up to Gentri's 7 Questions:
Funny picture of the week, of course!
I at TWO bananas in one sitting this past Sunday. I know, right??  my roommate Hayley took a picture to remember the moment and my other roommate Liz photo bombed it. I just learned what "photo bomb" means, by the way, on Sunday. After Liz did it. haha! Also, please note the nutela remnants on my plate. Because half the reason I ingested two bananas in the first place was because I dipped them in nutela. REALLY good, guys!
1. Do you have any weird food combinations that you love?
I do! I'm crazy about grilled cheese sandwiches dipped in ketchup. Oh, it's delicious.

2. Have you ever written a blog post, published it, then immediately deleted it?
No...But I often re-write it before I post it. Because sometimes things make sense in my head but not to anybody else. We all know how that feels, right?:)

3. What is a hair style you wish you could pull off, but would never be brave enough to try?
Man, oh man. I have curly hair and I never ever wear it curly. I shower at night, so by the time I wake up it is CRAZY, but maybe one day I'll embrace my curls and wear them naturally. I do, however, usually leave my front (bang area) curl curled for a nice swoopie texture...

4. Would you rather have to always use the sun to tell the time or directions by the stars?
I'm going to say the sun to tell the time...because that's doable for me. I can't even tell directions from a map, so I'm thinking that looking into the great wide galaxy to get me from point A to point B would be a very bad idea indeed.

5. What is a fall trend that you are excited to try?
I'm afraid I'm not very "trendy", but I'm loving all the lipstick, ladies! I've been wearing it for a while now, and now my family can't laugh at me anymore because now it's "in". haha:)

6. Who is your style icon?
Audrey Hepburn, Donna Reed...all the classy ladies. Donna Reed's hair, by the way, swoops in front just like mine! ( mentioned in #3). So notice her swoop, ladies:
Donna Reed

7. What's your favorite outdoor activity?
I really really love to swim. But we're kind of at the end of swimming weather over in my neck of the woods. I want to start taking evening walks. That would be divine.
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and have a lovelee day!

11 September 2012

Color with a Cause: Chapter 6

Hello, friends! Chapter 6 is up and ready for you to use. Are you so proud of me for getting this up on Tuesday this week instead of Thursday? Just don't pay any attention to the hour, and we're good. Sorry that I keep posting rather late at night, but College is crazy, you guys. But good. Oh so good:)

Remember, please, that I ask that in exchange for these pages you would:
1) Donate any amount to Primary Children's Hospital
2) Donate any amount to your favorite Children's hospital or charity
3) Find some other way to "pay it forward"
Keep spreading the word! I'm so grateful for all of you who are!
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As an aside:

Can you believe that today marks the 11 anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers? I still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. I still remember the beautiful, patriotic speech my dear teacher gave that day. I still remember my dad, who was serving in the Air Force at the time, being gone for a long time every day after that. I still remember the horrible aftermath.

I still remember.
Never Surrender. Never Forget.


10 September 2012

$1 Book Project: Day Four

I've rounded up some more book projects for you guys. We've tried most of these, so I can give my stamp of approval on the "finished product".

I think this wall made out of book pages is so classy!


we've made this fun book page wreath and it's currently residing on our front door.


I think this is a fun variation on the book wreath, don't you?:


have you seen any great book projects lately? Send them my way!

have a lovelee day!


07 September 2012

$1 Book Project: Day Three

hello, guys! I'm sharing one last project for the $1 book projects series. After I moved all my stuff out of my house to get ready for another year at college, my walls and especially my headboard area started to look rather dull. So I spruced it up a little with this fun project:

here's how I did it. I cut out a bunch of hearts from my dollar store book. Then I cut little strips and folded them into squares to make the hearts pop from off the wall. I glued the hearts a nd squares together and then taped them onto my wall. I also had one "different" heart to add a little variety. I cut the middle out leaving an outline of the heart.

I'll have one more book project post coming your way tomorrow. Stay tuned!

06 September 2012

Color with a Cause: Chapter 5

So remember that one time I said these pages would be up by Thursday afternoon? Well, I'm sure it's Thursday afternoon somewhere in this big old universe. haha! But here they are, as promised:

Remember, please, that I ask that in exchange for these pages you would:
1) Donate any amount to Primary Children's Hospital
2) Donate any amount to your favorite Children's hospital or charity
3) Find some other way to "pay it forward"
Keep spreading the word! I'm so grateful for all of you who are!
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05 September 2012

7 Questions #21

Hey, guys! Here's my little link up to Gentri's 7 Questions Series:
Funny Picture of the week, of course!
so uhh... I'm actually not in this picture. But it was a funny day. My friends and I went to Ihop Monday morning to try their Red Velvet pancakes (DELICOUS!) and we got a little crazy afterwards... but that's kind of normal for us.
1. I say "Jump" You say ______.
Rump! That's honestly the first thing that came into my head..."I'm a poet and I didn't even know it"

2. What is your favorite flower?
Columbines. Oh, they are so pretty. Or a nice, white daisy. Both columbines and daisies grow in our backyard and I just love them. (sometimes my family refers to me as the "family hippie" because I like to wear flowers in my hair and such...but it's fine, more flowers for me!)
Columbine Flower at Yankee Boy Pass
(via, via)

3. If you had to choose between having plumbing or electricity, which would you choose?
Plumbing, hands-down. I can live with candles. But no toilets or running water? That would make life a lot trickier, you know?

4. What is your go-to funny youtube video? (keep 'em clean)
My roomie and I just stumbled upon this little gem last night and we were CRACKING up. We were already in a goofy mood, so this just set us off the edge. Also, I am not a Twilight fan at all, so I'm sorry if you are and this doesn't float your boat. But it's SO funny.

"dude. you slapped a fiiiiish". haha!:)
5. Do you think dreams mean something?
Oh, definitely. Dreams are so special to me. They're either really really funny, which is just what I needed that particular day, or they are inspiring and hopeful, which is always very nice. They say you only dream about things that you've seen/heard about, so since I don't watch anything scary/naughty/etc, I usually have very pleasant dreams. When I remember them. Which is rare:)

6. Do you collect anything?
Not really, but when my sister Shaunelle was little she had a whole bunch of collections and one day my mom told her to get rid of her "junk", and she looked all offended and said (a la Ariel) : "But it's my...collection!" haha, I love her:)
7. You're in a situation that is everything it should be. You're with the right people, in the right place, doing the right things, but it doesn't "feel" right... What do you do?
Get out! There's a reason you feel that way. I guarantee.
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AND! ("wait for iiiiit") <--What's it from? Only the best TV show ever.
Have a lovelee day:)