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23 January 2013

Party Hats (4 ways!) : DIY

 Hello everyone! If you remember this super fun party we had the other day, you'll also recall our super fun party hats. Well today, I thought I'd share a little how-to, just for you! (4 ways, baby! you'd better believe it)
...okay, so this is more of a...let your imagination run wild tutorial than an actual step by step tutorial, because SOMEBODY ( forgot to take step by step pictures. But trust me, you CAN do this. Easy peasy. I'm still sharing how I made each one and I've split up the hats to four categories.

for these hats you will need:
-a party hat (to recover) OR a piece of brown craft paper, rolled into a cone (which is what I did. I like that it makes the hat taller). If you want to remember what a recovered hat looks like, journey over to that tutorial.
-hot glue gun
-glue stick
-book pages
-a bag of craft paper shredding, sold at the dollar store! (or any ol' craft store)
-ribbon, to secure your hat to your head

*note* To make the pom pom used on top of each hat, I used the same method that I did in THIS, my other party hat tutorial.
This hat may look tricky, but no fear! It's practically an optical illusion. If you remember back to your 1st grade fringing career, you can recreate this hat. I cut up 1/2 " by 1 1/2 "book pages and fringed the edges and then glued them to may hat in tiers, starting at the bottom and working my way to the top. VOILA!
 To create this hat, I just used a glue stick to create a circular sticky shape for my sparkles to stick to and then covered the whole thing with sparkles and shook off the excess. The sparkles on this ended up shedding a whole lot, so if I were to do this again, I'd spray the whole thing with clear spray paint (or another clear finishing spray) to seal in the sparkles. VOILA!
 For this hat (my favorite, I think! ignore the blurry picture....) I used a 1" circle puncher to punch out a bunch of circles out of book pages (from $ store books. Don't give me that look. I'm a book lover too, yo!). Then I adhered the dots to my hat using my handy dandy glue stick. VOILA!
To create this hat, I made a paper rose (I learned how to make these from my mom, but I found similar instructions here), backed it in a craft paper circle, and then backed the circle in an accordion fan background. Lots of layers for a lots-of-fun-hat.

to attach the ribbon fasteners on my hats I cut two equal lengths of ribbon and hot glued them opposite each other on the inside of my hat.

happy hat making, and have a lovelee day!


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