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14 February 2013

Let the World be your Valentine! (+Freebies!)

Hello everyone! Happy Valentine's day! I think I've recently fallen in love with Valentine's day. Not because I have a special someone--because I definitely don't. But because I realized that it's a day all about love and the goodness of mankind--or at least, it should be. So this year, rather than celebrating with candy and Valentines for my friends, I thought it'd be fun to write notes to complete strangers or acquaintances telling them to have a nice day, and to keep smiling. Just try to spread the love to everyone on this very special day.

I was really inspired by this song:
Isn't that beautiful? "'Have a nice day' is simple to say, and it'll go a long way".

Think of how happy the world would be if you shared one little note, then the recipient smiled at someone, and then they held a door for someone who was running late for class, and so on. The possibilities are beautifully endless!

So here's how I'm going to help YOU spread the love today. I've made up these fun little Valentine's day cards for you to download (free for personal use) and print for all of your sweet, random acts of kindness. 

(just click on the image, right click, and press "save image as")

Let the world be your Valentine!

Have a lovelee Valentine's day!


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