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18 March 2013

Hang on a Sec

Things have been really, really slow around here these days, and I'm sorry about that. Life has been CRAZY lately. Almost as crazy as the face I'm making in that picture. But really. I've still been creating and crafting and drawing and sewing, and I have LOTS of projects and tutorials to share with you guys, but they won't be posted for a while. I have a recital coming up at the end of this month (the 29th. Pray for me!) and getting ready for that, in the middle of midterms and the end of the semester is getting a little overwhelming.

I pinky promise that I have amazing things up my sleeve for this little blog. But I'm trying to keep my priorities straight, and blogging is kind of low on the list right now.  See you in April!

have a lovelee day (and month!)


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