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01 March 2013

Inspirational Silhouette Wall Art: DIY

I'm back! With a project, nonetheless. I modeled this project after my first silhouette DIY, which you can find here. Instead of painting the silhouette, I thought it'd be fun to trace it onto scrapbook paper. I originally intended to use the reverse of this paper, which was super floraly, but I ended up liking the solid blue better. And then I got an idea. (I love it when that happens!) 
I've recently been thinking about how beautiful each person is, and how beautiful life is, and how beautiful all the creations in the world are. I just finished Dr. Suzuki's book "Nurtured with Love" that I would HIGHLY recommend to ANYONE. seriously. I cried like 5 times because my eyes were so opened to the wonderful beauty that is all around us. I decided I wanted to create a little something to put on my wall to remind me every day that every little thing is so special and lovely.

So, to make your own, just follow these simple steps:
 trace your silhouette onto a solid colored scrapbook paper. (If you want to know how to create your silhoutte, follow the instructions here, up to the "printing out" step. You don't have to do all the other steps:) 
 I next cut out my silhoutte and penciled in "a beautiful mind" over and over and OVER. If you don't feel comfortable with your handwriting, you can get help from a friend...but I think that it makes it extra special to use your own handwriting.
 I went over my pencil markings with my calligraphy brush. If you don't have a calligraphy brush layin' around, or you don't know how, a thin tipped black marker will do the job swimmingly.
 Believe me, this is the HARDEST step: walk away for about two hours. You need your ink to completely dry before you erase the pencil. It is going to be very tempting to erase right away. Trust me, I know. But don't do it! You're stronger than the pencil lines! Go watch an episode of your favorite TV show (for me, it's Dr. Who right now. Can't. Get. Enough!)
 After two hours is up, erase your pencil lines, and what do you have? A beautiful wall art piece. Voila!
I just stuck it up using masking tape loops on the back right to my wall, but I think it'd be fun to frame it eventually. You know, when I can actually afford a frame. I jest, I jest.
Mine is hanging up right next to my retro picture holder (DIY here) and my tri-cut bicycle wall art (DIY here). I love that it's the first thing I see in the morning. Such a great reminder to acknowledge that life is so beautiful, and that I need to respect my thoughts and my spirit, because they truly are beautiful creations.

have a lovelee day!

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