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11 April 2013

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes: Recipe

 So the other day I was REALLY craving pancakes. But I was also feeling fancy. I didn't want just any old pancake. I wanted.....fancy pancakes.

I came across this recipe from "the Stir" and I could practically taste the pancakes in my mouth. Thing is, they wanted me to make the pancakes from scratch...problem! I needed these pancakes NOW. (you know how that feels, right? Tell me you know how that feels.) So I just skipped that step and pulled out my trusty pancake mix and got right down to business. If you would like to see the Sir's original recipe, click here. If you want to skip a few steps, keep reading:
 for the pancakes, you will need:
-your favorite pancake mix, along with the ingredients on the back of your box

For the filling:
-4 T butter, melted
-1/4 C + 2 T packed brown sugar
1/2 T ground cinnamon

 mix your cinnamon filling in a plastic bag and make a small clip in one of the corners. 
 pour out your batter on your heated and sprayed griddle and squeeze your cinnamon filling onto one side, in a spiral shape. (it's also fun to do a letter or number. We did that for my roommate's birthday)
Once you flip it over to cook the other side, make another spiral on the cooked side.
once you flip the pancake back over, enjoy the beautiful sight of caramelized pancake. And the smell! Oh my cherry pie, it's probably the best in the world. No lie. I jest not.
 continue to cook your pancakes until you have used up all your pancake batter and cinnamon filling.
the Stir also had a cream cheese glaze they put over the top, but I found the pancakes to be already pretty rich, so I just at them with a little maple syrup. Enjoy!

have a lovelee day!


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