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09 April 2013

the Cream of the Crop

I'm really not sure how I got so lucky. I have THE best friends in the world. And my family? Well, they're just the most AMAZING people. I feel a little spoiled, but I'm okay with that. All of my relationships are so special to me and I learn so much from every friend and family member.
 This little beaut is Miss Alyssa. You've seen her in this neck of the woods before. If you have, you might have realized that she's cut off all of her hair! (donating it!) She's probably the bravest woman I know.
 And not just because of her hair. I have always really admired her courage to always stand for what is right, and to make it through really, really hard times.

 When I first moved here, she was in my 6th grade class. I knew we needed to be friends, but I was a little too shy. Fun fact: I started parting my hair on the side instead of the middle because of this little lady. True story. (also, good story. a middle part on me was bad news. Why did no one ever tell me this?!)
 One of my favorite memories of her is when we were taking our end of year standardized testing, and our teacher told everyone to separate their desks to make sure no one cheated/could be cheated off of. Well, Miss Alyssa not only separated, but went all the way to the boonies in the corner of the classroom AND turned her desk around. I knew right then and there that she was one classy chick.

 Well, today (April 8th) is HER BIRTHDAY! that's right. Hats off to the birthday girl, everybody!
 Thanks for being my friend, missy. It really means more than you will ever know.
 (we took these pictures one day after rehearsing for my recital, and they are about 100x funnier if you could hear our conversation and the faces made between shots. I really love to laugh, and so does she.)
Have a lovelee day! And go tell your friends and family that you're thankful for them!


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  1. Aw! Lauren! This is the best birthday present I've gotten all day! Oh and I'm following yo blog now, home slice. :) I can't believe how lucky I am to have YOU as a friend, little missy! And I never knew I was your inspiration to start parting your hair down the middle...hahahaha!