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01 May 2013

It's May! It's May!

Hello, friends! Sorry things have been a bit slow around here. Finals came and went (good riddance!), and now the doc thinks I have whooping cough. Very fun. But I couldn't not wish everyone a HAPPY MAY DAY! May Day is 100% my favorite day of the Spring/Summer. There's something so magical and whimsical about celebrating the flowers.

Do you want to know how my friends and I are celebrating today? Another May Day Garden Party, of course! (see last year's here.)
iPiccy: Loading picture
this year's party may have to be inside, as it is currently snowing outside (what?!) But it's sure to be cute and I'll be sharing pictures later this week. You know, unless I die of the whooping cough. Haha!

Of course, listening to this song is MANDATORY for May Day festivities:
Ah, Camelot. What a place! (just a note: I'm not supporting the message of this song! haha!)

have a lovelee MAY DAY!


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  1. What is whooping cough???!!! I TOOOOTALLY have that! I just know it.. wait! I should google that before I self-diagnose.. But I'm positively sure I have it.. Haha! Hope you feel better soon!



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