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17 September 2013

the Queen's Home Tour (the Queen of Pittsburgh, that is)

Are you guys adequately excited right now? Because you should be. Hands-down, my favorite part of being in Pittsburgh was spending wonderful time with my sister, Shaunelle. Her house is SO lovely. Everything was so light and happy and wonderful. Also, if you didn't know, we call her "the Queen" in my family. And thus I give you, the Queen's Home Tour! (*triumphant trumpet noise*)
The kitchen: with a lovely window and clean white cabinets, this space stays beautifully bright until the sun goes down. And you know I love those silhouettes above the stove, girl.

Her dishes are even adorable on display!
 Look at that adorable rack of happy baking essentials!
The decorated fridge, with a sneak into the other rooms of the house.
 I love the use of those crates for storage.
 I l-o-v-e Shaunelle's dining room. Her husband Matt made her that table because he knew how much she loves chalkboards. Isn't that adorable?! So I did a little some'n some'n while visiting. So fun!
 A peek into the lovely family room.
 Those "M &S" signs were from the wedding. My dad made those, guys. Pretty cool, right? A lovely storage/record area.
 You guys are going to think I'm crazy, but the hallway/these FLOORS! AH! were one of my favorite parts of the house.
 Oh, don't mind my feet. Do mind the wood, though. That stuff is AMAZING.
 Remember how much I loved all the houses in Pittsburgh? She lives across the street from some pretty dang cute ones!
Oh, just some art Shaunelle has whipped up.
Oh hey! Remember these? It was my wedding present to them. Glad they haven't thrown them out yet:)

 I love that fireplace and the books! Matt and Shaunelle are both avid book collectors/book lovers, so they have a lovely collection of really pretty books.
 Everybody has a "thing". Shaunelle's just happens to be globes and maps. She can't get enough!
 Oh look, there she is! Queen of the 'burgh! (She painted that bicycle!)
 The view to the dining room and kitchen
 Note the pillow maps.
 Okay, I LOVED this. Storing quilts in crates. Does it get any cuter? Not unless there's a puppy involved.
 Confession. I went home and bought the exact polka dot rug to put in my apartment....but hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right, Shaunelle?
 I hope it's not too weird to show a picture of a bathroom on the internet, but I thought that this bathroom was cute enough to deserve its fair share of attention.
 Remember this tutorial? Whoop, there it is!
 I loved how much light there was in their bedroom. And the colors are just fantastic. Confession: I went home and bought a similar duvet cover.
 Look, I think the doorknob likes me!
 I actually didn't take any pictures of the room I stayed in, but let it be known that it was a very cute office space. This little calendar (...MAP. There it is again! haha.) is an accurate representation of the cuteness in this room.
 The front door? It's really a back door, but it's the door everyone always uses.

Isn't it just a lovely place to live? I've decided where I'm doing my student teaching. Hint: Shaunelle, you're going to have a new roommate!:)

The most impressive part about all this is that they just barely moved in and it already looks this cute. Literally everything came out of the moving boxes the day before I arrived. She's amazing.

have a lovelee day!


16 September 2013

Pittsburgh: In Houses!

So I mentioned the other day that I'd be sharing more photos from my Pittsburgh trip soon. Here's a few! One of my favorite parts of the trip (besides seeing my beautiful sister, of course!) was seeing all of the AMAZING houses. Every single house we drove past would make me oooh and aaaah. Seriously. Have you ever been to Pittsburgh? Let's put it this way: if San Francisco and England had a baby, it would be Pittsburgh. I mean really--T-Mobile was in a castle!

 Sorry some of these are so blurry, but I shot creeper photos in the back seat of the car. But that yellow one made me so happy!

 How fun would it be to live in this darling red house?!

 I want to live on this street. How fun would it be to be a little teacher and live in a beautiful house in a BEAUTIFUL city in a BEAUTIFUL state?! And live next door to my beautiful sister?!
 This one's a little blurry too, but I loved the touret or whatever that curved part is. Fantastic!
 This one was a beautiful church/school. Look at those windows!

 Driving with my lovely sis and her husband.
 Okay, this is the funniest story: I genuinely gasped at this house TWICE in the same day. I mean--it's a CASTLE HOUSE! What?! Talk about dream home!

I loved this blue one, too! Sharing more pictures tomorrow!

have a lovelee day!


13 September 2013

Dreamy Lime Chicken: Recipe

 So if you're a long-time reader of this blog or one of my close friends or family, you know that I am just CRAZY about chicken. REALLY crazy about it.

Today I'm sharing a recipe I came up with today made all of my wildest chicken dreams come true. It's super delicious, satisfying, AND really, really easy.

Y o u   w i l l   n e e d :
-about 3 frozen chicken breasts
-a gallon-sized freezer bag
-about 1/2 C. Light Italian Salad dressing
-1 lime

Set the frozen chicken in the freezer bag with the 1/2 C. dressing out in the morning to marinate throughout the day. About 20 minutes prior to when you want to eat, take the now defrosted chicken and cut into small strips. I made mine about chicken nugget size.
Grill those strips up on either a grill or in a pan. When they're almost finished cooking up, squeeze the lime generously over the chicken. It'll make it mm-mm-good.

Serve as chicken strips, or over rice or noodles. Enjoy your dreamy lime chicken!
I sure did! (genuine reactions displayed above, obviously)

have a lovelee day!


12 September 2013


At the end of the summer, as an "I survived the summer!" present to myself, I went and visited my sister Shaunelle and her husband Matt, who just moved to Pittsburgh to start med school.

And really, it wasn't that big of a present to give myself. The entire trip ended up costing me $30. Oh yeah!!! And crazy enough, but I was in Utah, Nevada, California, Massachusetts, New York AND Pennsylvania in the same week. Kind of insane, right. But hey, you do what you do to fly for free, right?

I'm going to share the pictures I took with my nicer camera soon, but until then, I thought I'd share some that Shaunelle and I took on her iphone.
at the Heinz cathedral. Yes, as in the Ketchup Heinz. And yes, it was hilarious to me that the door was ketchup red. Did they do that on purpose? I mean really:) and Right: chalking it up on my sister's dining room table. woo hoo!

left: a darling covered bridge on the way to flight 93, and right: eating the best gosh darned philly cheese-steak sandwich at "Uncle Sam's". It was amazing!

On the Dusquesne incline with my sis! Scary, but fun!
Okay, this was the coolest! Target has a cart escalator! A ROLLER COASTER FOR CARTS!!

 That's Gene Kelly's star! Gene Kelly!
sitting right where we belong---a throne! In U of Pitt, where Shaunelle's husband Matt is going to med school. You know, that skyscraper-Hogwarts school. Nbd.

Left: a darling covered bridge we found at a pit stop. Right: Playing a banjolele! I actually just bought one! It's a little bit bigger, and I'm so excited for it to get here!

just lovin' the pillars and EVERYTHING at that Hogwarts skyscraper.

Left: posing with the Pittsburgh Panther, Right: We found a great door.

Left: Pittsburgh perogies! Have you had perogies? Right: My two favorite things: Pennsylvania AND noodles! How great is life?!

 Left: There's that Hogwarts Skyscraper again. I think I've found my happy place! Right: "look honey! I have the Heinz cathedral in my hands!"
Left: Some chalk art I did right before leaving. The house was based on all of my favorite Pittsburgh houses. Right: having an AMAZING shake with Shaunelle!

have a lovelee day!