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12 September 2013


At the end of the summer, as an "I survived the summer!" present to myself, I went and visited my sister Shaunelle and her husband Matt, who just moved to Pittsburgh to start med school.

And really, it wasn't that big of a present to give myself. The entire trip ended up costing me $30. Oh yeah!!! And crazy enough, but I was in Utah, Nevada, California, Massachusetts, New York AND Pennsylvania in the same week. Kind of insane, right. But hey, you do what you do to fly for free, right?

I'm going to share the pictures I took with my nicer camera soon, but until then, I thought I'd share some that Shaunelle and I took on her iphone.
at the Heinz cathedral. Yes, as in the Ketchup Heinz. And yes, it was hilarious to me that the door was ketchup red. Did they do that on purpose? I mean really:) and Right: chalking it up on my sister's dining room table. woo hoo!

left: a darling covered bridge on the way to flight 93, and right: eating the best gosh darned philly cheese-steak sandwich at "Uncle Sam's". It was amazing!

On the Dusquesne incline with my sis! Scary, but fun!
Okay, this was the coolest! Target has a cart escalator! A ROLLER COASTER FOR CARTS!!

 That's Gene Kelly's star! Gene Kelly!
sitting right where we belong---a throne! In U of Pitt, where Shaunelle's husband Matt is going to med school. You know, that skyscraper-Hogwarts school. Nbd.

Left: a darling covered bridge we found at a pit stop. Right: Playing a banjolele! I actually just bought one! It's a little bit bigger, and I'm so excited for it to get here!

just lovin' the pillars and EVERYTHING at that Hogwarts skyscraper.

Left: posing with the Pittsburgh Panther, Right: We found a great door.

Left: Pittsburgh perogies! Have you had perogies? Right: My two favorite things: Pennsylvania AND noodles! How great is life?!

 Left: There's that Hogwarts Skyscraper again. I think I've found my happy place! Right: "look honey! I have the Heinz cathedral in my hands!"
Left: Some chalk art I did right before leaving. The house was based on all of my favorite Pittsburgh houses. Right: having an AMAZING shake with Shaunelle!

have a lovelee day!


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  1. So happy you came out to PGH! We loved having you here!