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16 September 2013

Pittsburgh: In Houses!

So I mentioned the other day that I'd be sharing more photos from my Pittsburgh trip soon. Here's a few! One of my favorite parts of the trip (besides seeing my beautiful sister, of course!) was seeing all of the AMAZING houses. Every single house we drove past would make me oooh and aaaah. Seriously. Have you ever been to Pittsburgh? Let's put it this way: if San Francisco and England had a baby, it would be Pittsburgh. I mean really--T-Mobile was in a castle!

 Sorry some of these are so blurry, but I shot creeper photos in the back seat of the car. But that yellow one made me so happy!

 How fun would it be to live in this darling red house?!

 I want to live on this street. How fun would it be to be a little teacher and live in a beautiful house in a BEAUTIFUL city in a BEAUTIFUL state?! And live next door to my beautiful sister?!
 This one's a little blurry too, but I loved the touret or whatever that curved part is. Fantastic!
 This one was a beautiful church/school. Look at those windows!

 Driving with my lovely sis and her husband.
 Okay, this is the funniest story: I genuinely gasped at this house TWICE in the same day. I mean--it's a CASTLE HOUSE! What?! Talk about dream home!

I loved this blue one, too! Sharing more pictures tomorrow!

have a lovelee day!



  1. The houses here are really cute, aren't they?? Just like YOU!

  2. Not that you're like a house or anything. Just really cute!