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17 September 2013

the Queen's Home Tour (the Queen of Pittsburgh, that is)

Are you guys adequately excited right now? Because you should be. Hands-down, my favorite part of being in Pittsburgh was spending wonderful time with my sister, Shaunelle. Her house is SO lovely. Everything was so light and happy and wonderful. Also, if you didn't know, we call her "the Queen" in my family. And thus I give you, the Queen's Home Tour! (*triumphant trumpet noise*)
The kitchen: with a lovely window and clean white cabinets, this space stays beautifully bright until the sun goes down. And you know I love those silhouettes above the stove, girl.

Her dishes are even adorable on display!
 Look at that adorable rack of happy baking essentials!
The decorated fridge, with a sneak into the other rooms of the house.
 I love the use of those crates for storage.
 I l-o-v-e Shaunelle's dining room. Her husband Matt made her that table because he knew how much she loves chalkboards. Isn't that adorable?! So I did a little some'n some'n while visiting. So fun!
 A peek into the lovely family room.
 Those "M &S" signs were from the wedding. My dad made those, guys. Pretty cool, right? A lovely storage/record area.
 You guys are going to think I'm crazy, but the hallway/these FLOORS! AH! were one of my favorite parts of the house.
 Oh, don't mind my feet. Do mind the wood, though. That stuff is AMAZING.
 Remember how much I loved all the houses in Pittsburgh? She lives across the street from some pretty dang cute ones!
Oh, just some art Shaunelle has whipped up.
Oh hey! Remember these? It was my wedding present to them. Glad they haven't thrown them out yet:)

 I love that fireplace and the books! Matt and Shaunelle are both avid book collectors/book lovers, so they have a lovely collection of really pretty books.
 Everybody has a "thing". Shaunelle's just happens to be globes and maps. She can't get enough!
 Oh look, there she is! Queen of the 'burgh! (She painted that bicycle!)
 The view to the dining room and kitchen
 Note the pillow maps.
 Okay, I LOVED this. Storing quilts in crates. Does it get any cuter? Not unless there's a puppy involved.
 Confession. I went home and bought the exact polka dot rug to put in my apartment....but hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right, Shaunelle?
 I hope it's not too weird to show a picture of a bathroom on the internet, but I thought that this bathroom was cute enough to deserve its fair share of attention.
 Remember this tutorial? Whoop, there it is!
 I loved how much light there was in their bedroom. And the colors are just fantastic. Confession: I went home and bought a similar duvet cover.
 Look, I think the doorknob likes me!
 I actually didn't take any pictures of the room I stayed in, but let it be known that it was a very cute office space. This little calendar (...MAP. There it is again! haha.) is an accurate representation of the cuteness in this room.
 The front door? It's really a back door, but it's the door everyone always uses.

Isn't it just a lovely place to live? I've decided where I'm doing my student teaching. Hint: Shaunelle, you're going to have a new roommate!:)

The most impressive part about all this is that they just barely moved in and it already looks this cute. Literally everything came out of the moving boxes the day before I arrived. She's amazing.

have a lovelee day!



  1. You are adorable. You seriously made my house look and sound a million times more amazing than it actually does. Nice pictures, sis! I am so glad you came to visit! Love you!!

    1. Thanks for letting me visit you! I did no such thing--I only took pictures of your amazingness! Can't wait to see you for Christmas!