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31 December 2013

Flight 93 Memorial

I'm a little embarrassed that this has been sitting in the draft pile of my posts, but as was quite obvious, I took a much needed, unannounced break. The following is a collection of photos from when I visited my sister Shaunelle in Pittsburgh (in August), and we saw the beautiful and inspiring Flight 93 Memorial.

I was so inspired by this beautiful place. I felt such a special spirit here as I read the plaques and observed the beauty of the surroundings.
Everything was kept so perfectly, which I felt was very respectful to the hero's memory.
If you want to learn more about the memorial, you can visit their website.
This wall was my very favorite part. I love what it symbolizes, and that it so respectfully shields the area where the hero's final remains lay.
The spirit of patriotism was so strong here. I was so inspired by the bravery of those extraordinary men and women. They chose to act, knowing their fate. I am so proud to call myself an American, and be protected by such brave servicemen and women, as well as ordinary citizens who are willing to step up and serve.

God Bless America.

have a lovelee day!


ps- Happy New Year's Eve!

how are you going to celebrate?

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