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31 January 2014

the Shop, Now Open for Business

Well, I did it. I took the plunge. I've opened a shop, selling my prints and illustrations.
(click picture to visit site)

Yes, this means you can now buy my love........uh, I prints! haha.

Right now, I am offering 15% off as a "wahoo!" for anyone who is interested. the coupon code is: THELOVELEEDEBUT (yeah, I realized what that looks like after submitting, I'm not talking about my rear-end. Debut is a fancy word for opening....haha!)

 (a preview of what you'll find in the shop, of course!)

Go take a looksie! See if you like anything (if you don't, that'd be kind of awkward, ya'know?), and if you 
do, please buy it. Help a starving college student out, man.

have a lovelee day! (and go visit the lovelee shop)

PS--I would like to direct your attention to the yellow banner at the top of the page. Actually, you probably can't miss it. Tada! This is your new portal to the lovelee shop. Access it anytime, anywhere. Ooooh yeah!

PPS-Don't you fret now. There will still be plenty of freebies and the like on this blog. (crisis averted!)

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