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29 September 2014

Is this thing on??

Perhaps the only reason I'm posting today is because I've mastered the art of avoiding both studying for my geology dinosaurs test and writing a paper. Oh yeah, I'm just that good.

Regardless of the reason, here I am, once again. Hello there. It's been quite a while, am I right?

I just wanted to share a little bit about my summer super quick and then I REALLY need to buckle down and get my homework done.

I spent the summer up in the Yellowstone area once again. What a truly beautiful place. I worked at a different souvenir shop than last year, and once the manager realized that I art......she had me whippin' stuff up all over the place for the store. It was really exciting for me to create signs and displays for someone other than myself--it was definitely a new experience! It was also the first time I have ever been paid for doing art (fist pump!). Here are some of the signs that I made for our little store this summer:

 For the clearance hat bin.
Here's some fun trivia: even though the candy sticks were being sold in a Yellowstone Souvenir shop, they were actually made in my hometown. Life's so funny sometimes, don't you think?
For a week there was a local cherry stand outside the store.

Everybody came in asking for grab bags. They sold out quickly, every time we put them out!

The Montana Huckleberry collection. SUCH a hot commodity, let me tell you!

A display for the front of the store.

Oh man, these sodas were amazing. Personal favorite: Outlaw Orange Cream. Mmmmm.

For the front door.

You get 1000 bonus points AND you'll become my best friend if you were in the store this summer and saw any of these signs. If you did, I'm sure I rang up all of your souvenirs and put them in a cute yellow bag for you.

Displaying IMG_20140815_163047.jpg
Also, my artwork made it onto the front page of the local newspaper this summer. I had made that sign for the annual "Crazy Dayz" sales weekend that the town does. It's not really a big deal to have made the front page because the town is so tiny, but STILL! That's my handwriting, right there.  Once I saw this, I obviously had to take a picture to send to my mom, and I took home like 5 copies of that week's paper. hahahaha.

Anyways, maybe I'll post again sometime. Maybe.

Have a lovelee day! I'm gonna go study some dinosaurs now.