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Color with a Cause: Donations

"Color with a Cause" is a not-for-profit initiative to raise money and awareness for children in need. A weekly installment of hand drawn, positive children's coloring pages will be available to download via either an email attachment or google drive link. If you wish to receive your coloring pages via email, please send your requests to

--A compilation of all the pages will be put together into one coloring book once all the chapters have been published. To receive the latest updates on this, you can subscribe to the Color with a Cause facebook page.

-to see past Color with a Cause Chapters, click here-

An act of service or any size donation is requested for use of these pages. You do not need to report these acts of service or your donated amount, but please remember what this is all about. You can donate to the Color with a Cause foundation which distributes the funds between different children's charities such as Primary Children's Hospital (read my neat experience with them here), or your own personal favorite children's charity. Any size donation is welcomed and appreciated!

If you have a specific request for a coloring page, I'd be happy to draw it up! Please keep in mind that I keep all of my coloring pages positive and uplifting. I try to depict children doing extraordinary, good, things. Send all requests to howlovelee(at)gmail(dot)com